October 1, 2020 Jordan Verroi

While Colorado sees more than 300 days of sunshine a year, the weather can change in an instant. It’s important to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions and temperatures. Our strongest advice is to dress in layers so you can add or remove them as needed throughout the day. We also recommend wearing:

  • Absorbent socks in wool or other material that is not cotton – You may be tempted to wear two pairs of socks but we discourage this as the socks can cause your feet to hurt if they bunch up in your boots.
  • Insulated, water-resistant gloves or mittens should always be worn, even on warmer days. Avoid wearing knit gloves or mittens as they will get wet and not keep your hands warm.
  • A warm hat, or even better, a helmet. A helmet will keep your head warm and protect you. We have helmets available for rent if you do not own one.
  • A water-resistant jacket with a high collar.
  • Water-resistant ski pants or snow bibs to stay warm and dry.
  • Goggles or sunglasses – at high elevation, the sun is extremely strong, and its reflection off of the snow can do damage to your eyes. Protect them from the sun’s rays and other elements with a good pair of goggles and sunglasses.

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