No matter your ability, the variety of terrain found in Telluride is equaled only by the spectacular 360-degree views of the surrounding San Juan Mountains.

2023-24 Telluride Ski Resort Trail Map

Palmyra Peak & Black Iron Bowl

This map shows hike-to terrain accessible from Gold Hill, Palmyra Peak, and Black Iron Bowl. Palmyra Basin is accessed via Palmyra Peak or Gold Hill Chutes 6-10. Black Iron Bowl includes Mountain Quail and the Top of 12 hike-to’s. View the new aerial maps for our Upper Mountain/Hike-To Terrain »

Revelation Bowl

This map shows the expansive Revelation Bowl accessed via Gold Hill Express (Lift 14). At the bottom of the Revelation Bowl on the boundary of the Telluride Ski Resort, the Bear Creek Overlook provides sweeping scenic views of Bear Creek.

Top-A-Ten Nordic Trails

This map shows the trail system at the top of Lift 10. To access the Top-A-Ten Nordic Trails guests can purchase a single-use lift ticket ($25, includes one lift ride up and down via Lift 10) from the Mountain Village or Big Billies ticket office or follow the uphill guidelines set forth in TSG’s Uphill Policy. Call the Telluride Adventure Center, (970) 728-7433, for more information.

Mountain Village Nordic & Snowshoe Trails

Hike-To Terrain

Black Iron Bowl

Black Iron Bowl is an upper-mountain area accessible via Lift 12 (Prospect Lift) and a short hike out Prospect Ridge.

Skiers and riders may drop in anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes hiking time along the ridge. Dropping 1,000 vertical feet on the primary pitches, terrain includes the expansive Mountain Quail couloir, European-style faces, open glades and steep chutes. Trails include Westlake, Lakeview, Review, Dihedral Chute, Dihedral Face, Jello’s Bowl and Nice Chute.

Black Iron Bowl, named for an old mining claim, is a signature area for in-bounds hiking, where advanced skiers and boarders enjoy fresh tracks virtually all season.

Estimated hike times from the top of Lift 12 (Prospect Lift):

Genevieve: 5 – 10 minutes*
Lakeview:  20 – 25 minutes*
Mountain Quail: 30 – 45 minutes*

* Hike times are approximate and may take shorter or longer based on your personal level of fitness and weather conditions.

Gold Hill Chutes


To ski this epic chute on the flip side of Revelation Bowl, you can access it one of two ways. 1) Through the gate at the top of Revelation Bowl Lift (15), or 2) Traverse across the top of Little Rose and Andy’ s Gold, through the gate adjacent to Andy’s Gold. The chute is not open continually, so check for current information on the signs. The expert-only chute directs you away from the cliff band by taking you to the traverse to skiers right and back to Andy’s Gold.


To access, stay left off of Revelation Lift (15) and continue up the Gold Hill access road. Enjoy the grand vistas before skiing the 1900′ vertical feet to the base of Prospect Bowl or Gold Hill lifts. The chutes are not open continually, so check for current information on the signs before you make the hike.

Estimated hike time: 15 – 20 minutes*

Gold Hill Chutes 3, 4 and 5 are permanently closed.


Offloading Revelation Lift (15) take a hard left and hike the new Gold Hill access road. Be sure to check out the bridge and staircase accessing Gold Hill Chutes 9 and 10. Chutes 6 – 10 are not open continually, so check for current information on the signs before you make the hike. The expert-only chutes go down below the skyline saddle and dump into Palmyra basin below.

Estimated hike time: 20 – 30 minutes*

* Hike times are approximate and may take shorter or longer based on your personal level of fitness and weather conditions.

Palmyra Peak

Located east of Black Iron Bowl, this incredible terrain includes well over 200 acres and almost 2,000 vertical feet on the north face of 13,320 foot Palmyra Peak. The peak is accessed via Lift 12 (Prospect Lift).

What can be considered some of the most spectacular in-bounds terrain in the country, the runs Tram Shot, Sunrise and Electric Shock drain into Upper Moraine, and Lower Palmyra Ridge which lead back into Black Iron Bowl.

Estimated hike time: 1 – 1.5 hours past Black Iron Bowl*

* Hike times are approximate and may take shorter or longer based on your personal level of fitness and weather conditions.

Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain is accessible via an access gate located on Upper Galloping Goose in the Lift 12 area. This local’s favorite includes both Jackpot and Audrey and is home to some of the best and longest-lasting stashes on the mountain. Be sure to look to the south at the summit for a view of the historic mining town of Alta just below.

The gate to Bald Mountain will close promptly at 2:00pm daily in season.

Estimated hike time: 20 – 25 minutes.*

* Hike times are approximate and may take shorter or longer based on your personal level of fitness and weather conditions.

WARNING: The upper mountain areas of Telluride Ski Area contain some of the steepest, most challenging terrain found anywhere in the world. Extreme Terrain is for EXPERTS ONLY. You may encounter cliffs, very steep slopes, rocks, challenging hikes, exposed traverses, and other hazards. Stay Safe. Access Telluride’s Extreme Terrain at your own risk. Under Colorado law, a skier assumes the risk of any injury to person or property resulting from any of the inherent dangers and risks of skiing and may not recover from any ski area operator for any injury resulting from any of the inherent dangers and risks of skiing, including: changing weather conditions; existing and changing snow conditions; bare spots; rocks; stumps; trees; collisions with natural objects, man-made objects, or other skiers; variations in terrain; and the failure of skiers to ski within their own abilities.

Terrain Parks

Rail at Hoot Park

From the beginner who has never been in a terrain park before to the expert getting ready for the X Games, and everything in between. With over 100 features, Telluride Terrain Parks will keep you grinning, high fiving, and lapping the parks all day long. By creating parks for all ability levels, we strive to offer guests a way to progress, improve, and advance between the different park levels. In doing so, we plan for logical transitions from our beginner, to intermediate, and all the way up to advanced park.

Look for the flutter flags and Smart Style signs (detailing the ability level required) at the entrance of each terrain park. To learn more about Smart Style go to

Our Mission

The Terrain Park Crew is here for you! Stop by any park entrance and say hello to the staff, ask for directions, or give us feedback. Let us know what we can do to provide you with a safe and fun experience. It is our mission to exceed your expectations, maybe even blow your mind, every day through innovative, fun, creative, and safe features.

Always remember to make a plan, stay within your ability level, and have a lot of fun. We look forward to seeing you this winter!

The Crew

Brandon McFadden

Brandon McFadden, Lead Builder

Brandon grew up in Durango, Colorado and worked as a park builder at Purgatory Ski Area for 5 years. He moved to Telluride in 2013, and has been shaping parks here ever since. He loves being in a snow-cat and says there is always more to learn about using the machine. His inspiration comes from the world wide community of park builders, which is made accessible through social media. Brandon is also a skilled welder and uses this skill to fabricate rails and boxes in the summer months. As a park skier himself, he wants to create the features that he would love to ride on, and to keep the parks fresh by switching them up year to year and month to month.

Our Parks

Ute Park Terrain Park

Beginner to Intermediate skiers and snowboarders

With around 25 beginner and 25 intermediate features, Ute Park has something for beginners, intermediates, families, and all the kids out there. Here you will find a separate beginner and intermediate line containing a wide variety of jumps and features that will be a great introduction to freestyle terrain. The Ute Park provides a great way to build your skill set and confidence before progressing to the next level. It is truly some of the coolest and most creative terrain based learning you will find!

Key features: The beginner line (left off Ute Park Express, stay skiers right) is filled with all sorts of fun features including: rollers, bank turns, a mini half pipe, small jumps, and ride on/off boxes and rails.

The intermediate line (right off Ute Park Express, stay skiers left) is filled with 5’ – 15’ jumps, rails, boxes, and some non-traditional features such as barrels, and logs.

Location: The Ute Terrain Park is located off the Ute Park Express. The easiest way to access this lift is to ride the Sunshine Express and go straight off the lift towards Ute Park. To access the beginner line, go left off the lift and then go through the entrance on the right side of the trail. To access the intermediate line, go right off the lift and then go the entrance on the left side of the trail.;

Catching Air at Terrain Park

Hoot Brown Intermediate Terrain Park

High Intermediate

With around 25 features, The Hoot Brown Intermediate Park has a little bit of everything. Two different lines running side by side offer intermediate and advanced riders the chance to show off their skills to the Village Express ski lift flying above. The park staff does an amazing job of mixing up the features in this park every couple weeks, so you will never get bored.

Key features: Wall rides, 10-20′ jumps, rails, boxes, barrel rolls, cannons, close outs – you name it, this park has it.

Location: The entrance for the Hoot Brown Terrain Park is located to the right of Lower Misty Maiden, just underneath the Village Express Lift. Riders can also access this park by going through the Hoot Brown Advanced Park via the entrance to the right of Butterfly. Both entrances can be accessed by riding the Village Express lift and going left off the lift or via the Town Gondola and exiting at the St. Sophia Angle Station.

Hoot Brown Advanced Terrain Park


The Hoot Brown Advanced Park is a great place for the advanced and professional riders out there to continue to hone their skills. With around 25 features, including a jump line of four progressive jumps ranging from 25’ to 50’, this park is all about pushing you to take it to the next level. Start by taking a ride on the whale tail, then hit the Rainbow Rail, tap the barrel, nail the jump line, and finish it off by riding our signature feature, The Pick Ax Rail. With Mt. Wilson always in the background, this park offers some of the best photo ops and video footage you could ever imagine.

Key features: 25′ to 50′ jump line, Pick Ax Rail, C Box, Hitching Post, Whale Tail, Rainbow Rails, Elbow Rails, Down Flat Down, and so much more.

Location: The entrance of the Hoot Brown Advanced Park is located to the skier’s right of the Butterfly ski run. Ride the Village Express Lift or Town Gondola (exiting at the St. Sophia Angle Station) to Butterfly, veering right off the first tree island. Enter underneath the banner. Don’t forget to stop and spin the Hoot Brown statue in honor of our friend and local ripper, Hoot Brown.

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