Specialty Camps


Advance your snow skills with one of our Specialty Camps.

Development Squad

The development squad is a 7-session, full-day ski and snowboard program offered through the Telluride Ski and Snowboard School. D Squad’s goal is to foster a fun and safe learning environment, while developing well-rounded skiers and snowboarders who have a true love for the sport, the mountains and Telluride. Each session, D Squad will promote team building and model safe mountain tactics in a non-competitive environment.

We will continue to offer Terrain Park, Big Mountain and Race training in the second half of the program for those age groups and abilities that are appropriate for learning these disciplines. D Squad is limited to one day per child per weekend. You may not sign your child up to Ski on Saturday, and Snowboard on Sunday for example. Please also note that lunch is included. If your child has any food allergies, we highly recommend packing them a lunch.


Coaches are experienced Telluride Ski & Snowboard School instructors.

DATES: 2023 Dates TBD

AGES: Alpine: 3-14 years old | Snowboard:  5-14 years old



Development Squad is available for:

  • Skiers ages 3-4 years old all experience levels. Child must be 3 years old by start date, completely potty-trained, and prepared to be outside for the entire lesson.
  • Skiers ages 5-14 years old Green (able to ski chair 10 making controlled wedge turns) through Black level.
  • Snowboarders ages 5-6 years old – all experience levels.
  • Snowboarders ages 7-14 years old Green through Black level (able to ride chair 10 making controlled turns).

For more information, please email lessons@telski.com or call (970) 728-7414.

Women’s Weekend

Take your skiing to the next level!

Women's Weekend

Session 1 & 2: 2023 Dates TBD

Women’s Weekend Camp (w/o lift ticket): TBD
Women’s Weekend Camp (w/ 3 day lift ticket): TBD

3-Day Weekend Camp

This no-frills weekend camp is focused on ski improvement.

  • Intermediate through advanced skiers
  • 3 days expert instruction by our leading women instructors
  • Assessment of alignment and ski equipment

The first morning we will meet at the base of chair 4 in Mountain Village. The entire group will ski together in the morning and based on skier profile as well as ability on the snow, smaller groups will be determined before lunch. The rest of the 3-day camp, coaches will provide activities and drills to help you improve and give you suggestions on where you should practice your newly developing skills and where to challenge yourself.

Ski in a small group setting with like-minded skiers who share similar goals. Women instructors lead a ski focused experience with daily on snow activities, yoga class, mobility work and apres ski activities. Ages 15 and up.

  • Stance – balance fore and aft and side to side.
  • Steering – actively turning both feet.
  • Edging – increasing or decreasing the amount the ski is on edge.
  • Pressure – increasing or decreasing the amount of weight applied to the ski.

Join us for a great weekend of skiing, improving your technique, and having fun.

Due to Covid 19, any indoor activities or après ski activities will not be available this season.

Ski Biomechanics

The Essence of Efficient, Effortless Skiing

Ski Biomechanics

Do you want to take your skiing to a new level?  Biomechanics is the vehicle to get you there. Ski Biomechanics is a science-based approach to ski teaching. Instruction is centered on awareness of natural functional skeletal alignment, allowing muscles to do less work. Our goal is to facilitate understanding of anatomic origins of movement, leading to efficient and precise ski performance.

Dr. Kim Hewson, Orthopedic Surgeon, former Director of Sports Medicine at University of Arizona, and a lead Telluride Ski School Instructor, has refined this industry leading biomechanics approach to ski instruction for close to two decades. This innovative approach is widely accepted as part of Telluride Ski School’s elite training program for professional instructors and is now available to the public through private lessons. Open to novice, intermediate, and advanced skiers alike, Ski Biomechanics private lessons will transform your ski experience.

Ski Biomechanics Details:

Reserved half-day (3-hour) private experiences are available daily with biomechanics trained instructors. Maximum four skiers of similar ability level per booking.  Half day experience includes online course work prior to your arrival.

Take Biomechanics experiences in sequence: This is a series of structured ski biomechanics experiences based on our elite training program for professional instructors. Unless you have previously attended a Ski Biomechanics Camp, the lessons should be taken in the order presented.

Customized online course work leading up to your time with a Biomechanics Pro will focus on one of four essential topics:

Experience 101 = Biomechanics Fundamentals and How the Body Works

Experience 201 = Foot and Ankle Biomechanics

Experience 301 = Spine, Posture and Fore/Aft Alignment

Experience 401 = Upper/Lower Body Independence

Ski Biomechanics Experience Pricing* TBD

*Experience includes online course work and 3-hour on-snow private lesson with a Biomechanics Pro.


For Detailed Information:

Dr. Kim Hewson at kimwal@telluridecolorado.net
or call (970) 729-1313

Annie Savath at annie@telluridecolorado.net
or call (970) 275-8795

For more information and to book, please email lessons@telski.com or call (970) 728-7414.

Meet the Biomechanics Experience Director

Dr. Kim Hewson


Orthopedic Surgeon, former Director of Sports Medicine at University of Arizona, Ski School Instructor (20 years) and Staff Trainer

Meet the Instructors

Richard Thorpe Ski School Instructor and Staff Trainer, 2010 Colorado Ski Country—USA Instructor of the Year

Deb Willits Ski School Instructor, Staff Trainer, and Training Program Supervisor, former National Demonstration Team member

Jason Stachurski
Fully Certified Ski School Instructor and Staff Trainer, entering his 11th season as a professional ski instructor in Telluride

Jack “JD” D’Angelo Fully certified Private Lesson Instructor with over 4 decades teaching experience

Randy Reece Ski School Instructor and Staff Trainer, entering his 40th season as a professional instructor

Kim Macken Ski School Instructor and Staff Trainer, Fully certified APSI and PSIA instructor and trainer

Erik Peterson Fully Certified Private Lesson Instructor and Staff Trainer

Making Friends with Moguls Camp

Explore the fundamentals to ski moguls the easy way.

Why Mogul Camp?

In the moguls, space and time between turns are abbreviated. Therefore, inefficiencies that can be disguised on groomed runs will be ineffective in moguls. To ski easily in moguls requires more precise movement patterns.

In our camp, we spend time on groomed runs refining these precise movement patterns before entering mogul fields. The camp time and activities are split up between drills on groomed runs, discussion of mogul lines and tactics, and practical application on mogul runs. The amount of time on each depends on the skills our guests bring to the camp.

The goal of the camp is to use the above mentioned to make friends with moguls and be comfortable in Blue level mogul runs. We will start out slowly, with proven exercises and progressions, to help attendees achieve their goals. Camp groups will be based on ability levels. The camp leaders are mature skiers who have successfully taught these techniques for many years at the Telluride Ski School.

Benefits of the Mogul Camp

  • To explore the fundamentals of efficient skiing in moguls.
  • Create tactics for low impact skiing.
  • See more of the mountain than ever before.
  • Learn to overcome the fear of skiing moguls.
  • Develop a mogul strategy that can be used on any bump run.
  • Learn how the right equipment choices make skiing bumps easier.


I learned more about skiing in those two days with the Making Friends With Moguls Camp than in all of the past 10 years combined.” — Mitch V., Mountain Village, CO

2021-2022 Making Friends With Moguls dates:

Session 1: 2023 Dates TBD
Session 2: 2023 Dates TBD

Moguls Camp (w/o lift ticket): TBD
Moguls Camp (w/ lift ticket): TBD

For more information, please email lessons@telski.com or call (970) 728-7414.

Meet the Instructors


Richard is a fully certified, 64 years young instructor and Telluride Ski Resort trainer who specializes in mogul skiing. Richard has an extensive bag of tricks to make learning to ski easy and fun. Richard has 43 years of teaching experience and in 2010 was selected as Colorado Ski Country’s Instructor of the Year.


A 68-year-old fully certified instructor who has skied for over 60 years of his life. Larry has been skiing Telluride for 43 years and has taught for 28 of them, teaching guests as young as two and as old as 80 all levels of skiing. Larry currently specializes in teaching mature skiers how to enjoy skiing with less fear and muscle fatigue.


Andrea has taught skiing for 38 years in Vermont, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado; at Breckenridge, Purgatory, Monarch and Telluride. By identifying your personal strengths along with embracing efficient moves, Andrea believes your day on the hill will be more FUN, even while skiing bumps! Yup, bumps are a challenge; no doubt about it. Our camp is successful because you are given time to learn and your coach time to teach.

For more information and to book, please email lessons@telski.com or call (970) 728-7414.

Silver Skier Program

For skiers 50 years young and up.

Our newest program within the Ski and Snowboard School, the Silver Skier Program is offered to skiers 50 years young and up. Offered as a 4-session package in January and February on Thursday afternoons, come join top pros from the Ski School this season and meet others who share your same passion and love for the sport. Silver Skiers will enjoy exploring the mountain with new friends in a small group setting and just the right amount of coaching. Having fun and broadening your social circle are the main goals for the program, so we look forward to including you in great days out on the hill.


The program is designed for Novice/Cruisers all the way through Advanced/Hard Core skiers and we will be creating the groups based on each person’s ability level.


Rentals and Demos at an additional cost will be available so you can try out the newest ski gear to help improve your skiing.

Silver Skiers Program: 2023 Pricing TBD

Session 1: 2023 Dates TBD
Session 2: 2023 Dates TBD
Session 3: 2023 Dates TBD

For more information, please call
(970) 846-9179 – Christi Northrop McRoy

Meet the Instructor


Started skiing at Winter Park at age four, this will be Christi’s 66th year skiing. With an Austrian father, skiing is what her family did. In 1962 at the University of Colorado, Christi started teaching skiing for Jack Beattie in his kids’ program and has been involved in teaching for 52 years since. In 1976 Christi wrote the book SKIING WITH KIDS and worked as a writer for SKI MAGAZINE for 25 years.  At SKI, Christi helped found and develop their national kids teaching program SKIwee.  In addition, she covered ski equipment for SKI and headed up their Junior Equipment Test.  From 1991-2005, Christi coached juniors with the Winter Park Competition Center and raced in the Rocky Mountain Masters program.  Christi holds her Level 2 USSA Certified Ski coach.


Coaches will be from the “senior” ski school staff with an interest in making skiing fun, relaxed, and enjoyable for our fellow seniors. Once our groups are formed (based on ability and interests), we will try to keep the same coach and group throughout each session.

For more information and to book, please email lessons@telski.com or call (970) 728-7414.

Heli-Ski Camp

Heli-Ski Group with Helicopter Above

For more information, please email lessons@telski.com or call (970) 728-7414.

The San Juan Mountains surrounding Telluride offer some of the most beautiful and inspiring ski terrain on the planet. If you dream of skiing amazing and untracked terrain like this, but aren’t sure your skills are up to it, please consider participating in our three-day heli-camp.

On all three days, you’ll ski with one of Telluride’s most experienced instructors. The first two days of the camp will be with your instructor on selected slopes within the Telluride Ski Area to develop skills and experience in conditions and terrain similar to what you’ll ski from the helicopter. On the third day, you’ll jump on the helicopter with your coach and a guide from Helitrax and head out into the San Juan backcountry.

Helitrax, Colorado’s most experienced heli-ski company, flies right out of the base area of the ski area. Their pristine terrain includes expansive alpine bowls, gladed slopes, and classic mountain couloirs. This wide variety of terrain allows your guide and instructor to choose the perfect run to suit your ability level, from upper intermediate to expert, on any particular day. View the following YouTube clip for a glimpse of the terrain available to you with Helitrax.

With a minimum and maximum of three participants required for each date, you can pick two of your favorite friends or family members and create a unique experience to share and enjoy for a lifetime.

To participate in a Heli-Camp, you should be comfortable skiing all snow conditions—groomed and un-groomed—on a typical blue run in any western US resort, and have the physical endurance to ski hard for all three days. Please see the following YouTube video for a depiction of the required ski skills (your skiing ability should land in the “7+” section of the below video), and the attached document for a suggested conditioning program.

Unfortunately Heli-Ski Camp will not be offered for the 2021-2022 winter season.

Heli Ski Camp cancellation policy: Within 30 days, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied.

Daily Schedule (Example)


Evening before Day 1:
Welcome reception, 5:30– 7pm.
Get to know your instructor and socialize with the rest of the group. BootDoctor’s, one of America’s leading boot fitters and ski shops, will be on hand to review the latest equipment and assess your selection and boot fit.

Day 1:
9am– noon:
Play, drills, and ski time focused on staying centered over your feet in variable conditions and using ski design, instead of effort, to turn your skis and control speed. We’ll learn how to roll (tip) instead of pushing your skis onto the edge, how to turn your legs beneath a stable upper body, and how to apply and adjust pressure along the length of your skis to move from turn to turn.

Noon – 1pm: 
On mountain lunch, self-pay.

1 – 4pm: 
Tipping and turning your skis to control your speed in a variety of conditions.

Day 2:
9am – noon: 
Continued experience with understandings and movements from day 1, with additional work on being patient at the start of each turn in thicker snow, stem entries and hop turns. Specific techniques for negotiating backcountry terrain and conditions will be covered including controlled side slips and traverses, ascending and descending sidesteps, recovering from a fall—including getting up and putting skis on in deep snow and on steep slopes—and walking without skis in unconsolidated snow.

1 – 4 pm: 
Mileage to develop comfort and control in variable terrain and snow with less effort.

Day 3: 
Heli-Skiing in the San Juans with Helitrax! (Times subject to change due to weather conditions).

Meet with Helitrax at the Peaks Hotel (located on the west side of the Mountain Village base area). Helitrax supplies skis, guiding, lunch, and all snacks.

2:30— 4pm:
Return to Peaks Hotel with Helitrax, followed by après on the deck!

Important Note: flying and skiing in the backcountry is dependent on weather and snow conditions, so day 2 of the heli-camp is designated as an alternative day to fly with Helitrax, depending on space available. If we heli-ski on the second day, participants will ski with their instructors on the ski area for the third day. If conditions prevent us from flying on the second and third day, you and your instructor will ski together on the lifts for all three days and focus on skills, tips and mileage to build your skills and confidence in variable terrain and conditions. If this is the case, the heli-skiing portion of your camp fee will be refunded to you, minus a reduced charge for your third lift ticket if you choose the camp with the lift tickets option. 

Meet the Instructor


Steve Hindman came to Telluride in 1976 to ski bum only to find no snow and no lifts open. This launched him into the backcountry, where he caught the initial wave of the telemark revolution. Between then and 2010, he lived in Bellingham, WA, traipsing about snowy mountains, meadows, and trails on all types of skis. He is a 12-year veteran of the PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) telemark and cross-country demo team and led the adult ski and snowboard school at Stevens Pass in Washington State for five years. Since 2010, he has shared his love of skiing as one of the top alpine ski instructors at Telluride. In the summer, he guides bicycle trips for Lizard Head Cycling Guides in Ophir, CO and is studying to become a personal trainer.

My brother and I made the trip out to Telluride late last season to improve our backcountry technique and train for a heli skiing excursion in the San Juan range.  It was our first visit to the mountain, but we struck gold with our backcountry instructor, Steve Hindman.  Steve led us through an increasingly challenging curricula that resulted in immediate improvements in our capabilities and confidence.  He tailored his advice and guidance to our individual strengths and weaknesses, and pushed us through terrain that was both fun and challenging.  Despite the rigor of instruction, Steve’s friendly demeanor and positive disposition made the instruction the most fun I have ever had on a mountain.  All told, Steve has earned his place as our instructor of choice — we’ve already begun booking our second session with him this season.  If you’re looking for the best that Telluride has to offer, look no further than Steve Hindman.

– Jason Woosley