Chair 9 & Summer Projects

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Replacing Chair 9 & Snowmaking Piping

Construction Underway



This video shows some of the work presently underway for the complex undertaking to replace Chair 9.

The new chair, manufactured by Doppelmayr, is a high-speed, detachable quad. The new lift is going to be powered from the top of 9 and twice as fast as the old lift. This requires connecting to a power source from Mountain Village and installing a new power line, under See Forever to the top of 9. Top driven lifts are the new industry standard and are more energy efficient which is really important to all of us. The new power line will also service Giuseppe’s, one of the original ticket offices that was hauled up the mountain and modified into a restaurant. The old building is past its useful life and is going to be rebuilt.

While we are digging trenches on See Forever for the new power lines, we will also be replacing the snowmaking piping, which is near the end of its useful life. The top of 9, which is almost all solid rock, will be lowered approximately 15 feet so that we have enough room for the new terminal and increased skier capacity.

For your safety, please avoid all construction related closures. See Forever and the Wasatch connection will be closed all summer due to construction.


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