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E-Bikes on Resort Permit Area


E-bikes are now allowed on biking trails within the resort permit area, with the exception of Boomerang and the Wasatch Connection, which lead directly to USFS managed trails where e-bikes are not permitted.

“We have worked closely in collaboration with the USFS on the development of this new policy. All parties involved are very excited as this will provide a great opportunity for more people to recreate in and enjoy Telluride.” – Scott Pittenger, Director of Mountain Operations, Telluride Ski Resort.

The new policy allows access for class 1 e-bikes. Class 1 e-bikes are pedal assist only, with no throttle, and have a maximum assisted speed of 20mph. With this new policy, class 1 e-bikes will be allowed to load chair 4 and exit the San Sophia mid station.

“E-bikes will provide the opportunity for some of our older or disabled guests to get on the mountain and allow our passionate riders to cover more ground. I am excited to get a Basin Trail lap in with my 68-year-old Dad when he comes out to visit.” – Patrick Latcham, VP of Sales and Marketing, Telluride Ski Resort.

As a reminder, See Forever and the Wasatch Connection trail are closed for the entire summer season. The Prospect Basin area including Prospect Trail, Prospect Loop, Basin Trail, and Meridian Trail will open on Friday, July 1st.

There will be intermittent closures on other parts of the trail network. These closures will affect Telluride Trail, Camels Garden Trail, Short Loop, Prospect Trail, Prospect Loop, Basin Trail, Meridian Trail, and potentially others.

Our operations team is working hard to reduce the length of intermittent closures. For trail status updates, please check the Telluride App or the Daily Mountain Update on our website: https://tellurideskiresort.com/daily-mountain-update/.


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