The Lift 9 Project – From Start to Finish

The Lift 9 Project – From Start to Finish
January 30, 2023 Jordan Verroi

The Chair 9 Project has been a whirlwind to say the least. From conception to construction, our team and Doppelmayr have overcome a number of obstacles in order to bring us a state-of-the art chairlift during the 2022/2023 winter season. With acceptance testing complete and training done as well, we’ve finally reached the finish line. In honor of this achievement, we want to share a quick review of all the progress that has taken place.


The Initial Renderings

Telluride Ski Resort Chair 9 Rendering of Terminal Side View   Telluride Ski Resort Chair 9 Rendering Ground View

Telluride Ski Resort Chair 9 Rendering Arial View   Telluride Ski Resort Chair 9 Rendering - Single Chair View

Watch the rendering footage here.


The Construction Process

Part 1 – The Whole Story

While the Lift 9 Project has been the top priority, it wasn’t the only assignment our construction team was responsible for this summer. Learn about the list of major projects they accomplished in less than 6 months in the video below.

Part 2 – The Initial Building Stages

Watch how the construction process got started. From flying in equipment to pouring concrete, our team has been working hard since the beginning.

Part 3 – The Details

Learn about what makes the new Lift 9 different from the original.


The Final Stages

The lift has been built and testing has concluded! Learn more about what took place during acceptance testing in the video below.


And that’s a wrap! We are thrilled to announce that lift 9 is not only up and running, but will be open to the public this Thursday, February 9th, 2023.

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